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Time Will Do the Talking

Years Will Do the Walking

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I noticed live journal was lacking a Patty Griffin community which surprised the heck out of me. So I made one.
a thousand kisses, ato records, austin, be careful, big daddy, blue sky, bob dylan, boston, bruce springsteen, burgundy shoes, carry me, change, chief, christina onassis, cold as it gets, crying over, driving, elizabethtown, ellis paul, emmylou harris, every little bit, flaming red, florida, forgiveness, getting ready, go now, goodbye, half a person, heavenly day, i-don't-ever-give-up, impossible dream, julie miller, kiss them for me, let 'em fly, lilith fair, little god, living with ghosts, long ride home, love from my lips, love throws a line, mad mission, making pies, mary, mil besos, moses, mother of god, no bad news, nobody's crying, not alone, one big love, one more girl, patty griffin, perfect white girls, peter pan, poor man's house, railroad wings, rain, silver bell, someone else's tomorrow, sooner or later, sorry and sad, standing, stay on the ride, sweet lorraine, tomorrow night, tony, top of the world, trapeze, truth #2, under these clouds, up to the mountain, useless desires, what you are, wiggley fingers, you don't have me, you'll remember